Heat Exchanger Design: Questions Software Can’t Answer

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24th Sep 2020


24th Sep 2020


Minerva Mill
Station Road

Webinar One

Acoustic Vibration: Will my heat exchanger sing?

Most heat exchangers are shy creatures, working away in silence.  Some hum quietly to themselves and a very small number sing loudly.  Sadly, heat exchanger song is, to the human ear, unappreciated and unwelcome.  Designers must therefore take steps to identify the operatically-minded and dissuade them from performing.

The software tools used to design the majority of industrial heat exchangers contain some capability to predict acoustic vibration, but do not offer a complete and reliable solution.  In order to avoid problems, heat exchanger designers will need to be prepared to disengage the auto-pilot and fly manually.

This webinar will examine the causes of acoustic vibration and the methods used to predict it.  The types of heat exchanger which carry a high risk of acoustic vibration will be identified.  Methods to minimise the risk of noise generation will be presented, with the emphasis on a practical and common-sense approach.

This webinar took place on 24 September 2020. To access a recording of the live webinar please contact Kul@ttmprojects.com.

Webinar/Recording fee: £100.00

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