Heat Exchange Engineering

It continues to be an unprecedented time personally and for business, for all. Companies are still unsure as to what the future will look like moving forward into 2021, with on-going restrictions on travel, expenditure and of course gatherings.

Whilst things picking up very slowly, the prospect of physical events and gatherings with any real numbers are still very uncertain. The team here at TTM Ltd are deeply disappointed that Heat Exchange Engineering (HEE) Canada 2020 could not go ahead in March but remain convinced that HEE Canada will go ahead when it is viable to do so.

Whilst we have explored the option of an on-line HEE conference we don’t believe that this is the right model given the importance of the community led discussion and engagement HEE would usually provide.

The ethos of HEE has always been about creating a platform for our industry to share knowledge, experience and good practice. We are convinced that these are great reasons for HEE to return at the earliest possible time.

We thank you again for your continued, valued support and patience whilst we work towards sustaining the infrastructure around HEE.  We look forward to bringing you more details as soon as we are able.

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