Steam Turbine Condensers: Troubleshooting


A webinar that examines performance monitoring and troubleshooting of water-cooled steam turbine condensers:

  • How steam condensers cost you money
  • Routine performance monitoring
  • Common faults
  • Troubleshooting

Course Description

Steam Turbine Condensers: Troubleshooting

Condensers are fitted to the exhaust of steam turbines to create vacuum and convert the exhaust steam into liquid condensate.  Loss of integrity and poor condenser performance lead to unplanned downtime and significant operating cost impacts.  Routine performance monitoring helps to identify problems at an early stage when mitigation measures are most effective.

When condenser issues become critical it is necessary to rapidly identify root causes so that appropriate action can be taken.  Successful troubleshooting requires interpretation of condenser behaviour and an understanding of the most common causes of failure.

This webinar will identify the key issues affecting turbine condenser operation, including:

  • Evaluating the cost of poor performance
  • Impact of fouling, cooling water flow and air leaks
  • Routine performance monitoring
  • Root causes of tube failures
  • Re-tubing and tube material upgrades